Author Hoekstra, M. and Raven, H.C.
Title An approach to constrained hydrodynamic optimization of ships
Conference/Journal Marine Propulsion Conference, Amsterdam
Year 2004

The rapid development of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), i.e. the prediction of flow phenomena by numerical solution of a mathematical model of the flow, has resulted in a strongly increasing role of flow computations in hydrodynamic ship design. Analysis of the results by an experienced designer provides valuable indications on how to modify the hull form to improve the flow and hence the ship’s performance. In a number of steps, significant improvements are often achieved.
Attempts to improve this process are continuing. This paper describes the enhancements recently introduced at MARIN. We advocate a semi-automatic optimization technique that is suitable for routine application in practical ship design projects, the principal features being:
• the completely flexible parameterisation of hull form variations;
• the effective and intuitive system for specifying the deformations;
• automated preprocessing for the CFD tools;
• the important role left for the designer, in selecting variations and analysing results.
The paper discusses the improvements in the ship hull form improvement procedure, gives more details on the geometry handling, and describes examples of applications.

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