Author Erik van Wijngaarden(MARIN), Joris Brouwer(MARIN) and Martijn Zijlstra(MARIN)
Title A spatial extrapolation technique for sparse measurements of propeller induced hull-pressures using an inverse acoustic boundary element method
Conference/Journal CAV2006, Sixth International Symposium on Cavitation, Wageningen, The Netherlands
Month September
Year 2006

This paper presents a computational method for obtaining a complete description of the propeller-induced fluctuating ship hull-pressure field on the basis of only a few hull-pressure measurements. The method relies on the inverse use of a boundary element method (BEM) for underwater acoustic diffraction on ship hulls. It enables the determination of the ship’s forcing terms for input into finite element vibration analyses. As a by-product, the propeller source strength is computed on the basis of which the correlation between model and ship scale hull-pressure data may be established.

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