A practical system for hydrodynamic optimization of ship hull forms
Author Raven, H.C. and Hoekstra, M.
Title A practical system for hydrodynamic optimization of ship hull forms
Conference/Journal VNSI Innovatiedag , Wageningen
Month December
Year 2003

Powerful CAD systems and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) methods have considerably improved the designers position to quickly, yet sufficiently reliably, evaluate and improve various aspects of the ships performance. Automatic hull form optimization based on use of CFD seems a desirable next step. However, a fruitful procedure should take into account the constraints set by economic, constructional or operational requirements and take benefit of the insight and experience of the designer. To this end we have developed a semi-automatic optimization system which has two new elements:
a) parametric hull form deformation, and
b) automatic and parallel processing of the CFD jobs.
We accept a hull form of arbitrary shape as a starting point and then let the designer choose which modifications of the hull form he considers both admissible and potentially beneficial. These modifications are then defined and parameterized by a volume deformation technique which is fast and flexible. In a session of an hour, the designer can define a multi-parameter hull form family, in which the parameters are specifically relevant for the case considered while constraints can be checked.
To run the CFD-tools, preparatory work like defining panel or grid distributions is just done for the initial hull form, and is then carried out automatically for all hull form variants. The computations are run in parallel on a multi-processor computer. Hundreds of shapes can thus be explored efficientl, which provides a clear insight in trends and leads to a more effective hull form improvement procedure.
This system for definition and evaluation of systematic hull form variations is now being used frequently at MARIN in practical ship design projects.

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