A nonlinear 3-D approach to simulate GREEN WATER dynamics on deck
Author Z.Q. Zhou, J.O. De Kat and B. Buchner
Title A nonlinear 3-D approach to simulate GREEN WATER dynamics on deck
Conference/Journal Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Numerical Ship Hydrodynamics, Nantes,
Month July
Year 1999

Green water impact load has an important influence on the design of floating offshore structures and the safety of ships. This paper presents a numerical method to predict the 3-D flow of green water on deck and resulting impact loads with shipping water on and off the deck boundary. The numerical simulation of green water flow on deck has been coupled with the prediction of large amplitude ship motions in waves.

The large amplitude relative motions at bow are obtained by using a nonlinear ship motion program. An empirical formula based on experimental database estimates the water height at the deck boundary. Glimm’s method has been used to simulate the three-dimensional shallow water flow over deck. An algorithm of flow flux has been introduced to deal with the water interaction along the boundary.

Extensive comparison studies are carried out to validate and demonstrate the efficacy and accuracy of the method. Numerical results has been compared with the following: 1) theoretical results of dam-breaking theory; 2) model test measurements of a reservoir-breaking impact on a structure; 3) experimental data of green water impact tests with moored tankers having different bow flare configurations in regular waves. Good agreement has been found.

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