Author Goupee, J.A., Kimball, R.W., de Ridder, E.J., Helder, J.A., Robertson, A.N., Jonkman, J.M.
Title A Calibrated Blade-Element/Momentum Theory Aerodynamic Model of the MARIN Stock Wind Turbine
Conference/Journal ISOPE 25th International Ocean and Polar Engineering Conference, Kona, Hawaii, USA
Paper no. 15TPC-0174
Month June
Year 2015

In this paper, a calibrated blade-element/momentum theory aerodynamic model of the Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN) stock wind turbine is developed and documented. The model is created using open-source software and calibrated to closely emulate experimental data obtained by the DeepCWind Consortium using a genetic algorithm optimization routine. The provided model will be useful for those interested in validating floating wind turbine numerical simulators that rely on experiments utilizing the MARIN stock wind turbine – for example, the International Energy Agency Wind Task 30’s Offshore Code Comparison Collaboration Continued, with Correlation project.

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