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[Q]UAESTOR: Knowledge based parametric modelling
ANPRO: Analysis of propellers
aNyMOOR.TERMSIM: Assessment of dynamic line and fender loads for moored tankers
aNySIM-pro: Project Based Time Domain Simulation Software for Offshore Operations
BOTHRUS: Bow thruster forces for manoeuvring
CRABSIM: Calculation of harbour manoeuvres
CSPDP: Client Specific Propeller Design
DBSHIP: Assessment of mean wave, wind and current forces on ships
DESP: Prediction of propulsive performance
DIFFRAC: 3-D potential theory including wave diffraction
DPCAP: Analysis of thruster capacity in dynamic positioning
DRIFTP/DBDRIFT: Second order wave excited (drift) forces
DYNFORC: Hydrodynamic load input for structural analysis
FDS - Fast Displacement Ships
FREDYN: Seakeeping and Manoeuvring behaviour of ships in wind and waves
Frequency/time domain transformation programs
FreSim: Calculation of ship manoeuvres
GREENLAB: Green Water Analysis
GULLIVER: Ship route scenario simulations
INDFACT: Propeller design with induction factors
MPP: Manoeuvring Prediction Program
OCTOPUS-MONITAS: 3rd generation software for Advisory Monitoring
Panel generation with MARIN plug-ins in Rhinoceros
PARNASSOS: Calculation of the viscous flow around ships hulls
Program review
PSP: Propeller Series Package
QPROP: Propeller design and analysis workflow solutions
QSTAP: Analysis & reporting of speed-power trials
RAPID: Calculation of wave resistance and potential flow
ReFRESCO: Versatile CFD tool for marine hydrodynamics
SafeTrans: Safe design and operation of marine Transports
SAMSON: Safety Assessment Models for Shipping and Offshore in the North Sea
SHIPMA : Fast-time simulation program for ship manoeuvring
SHIPMO: Motions and seakeeping of ships
STATAN/CROSCOR: Statistical, spectral and response analysis of time series
SUBSIM: Simulation of the motions of a submersible
SURSIM: Calculation of ship manoeuvres
TAT: Tug Assist Tool
WASCO: Workability analysis of ships and constructions offshore
WINDOS: Assessment of wind loads on ships and offshore structures

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