Inspired by the centenary of NISS (the national institute for shipping and shipbuilding), over sixty Dutch maritime professionals got together over the past year to discuss the future of the maritime sector. Four working groups brainstormed on future maritime scenarios, ship modes concepts and systems, design and production processes, and maritime domains and innovative developments. As people are not used to looking so far ahead, the meetings were inspirational and dynamic, resulting in new future perspectives for all who participated.

Bas Buchner, Chair Blueprint 2050 steering group:
"The results of the meetings are reflected in this magazine; a vision of how the maritime sector might look in 2050. It is not intended as a detailed design or scientific study, rather as a ‘blueprint’ in the spirit of the Dutch Van Dale dictionary definition: “a design, sketch, preliminary plan.” All those involved in this blueprint are well aware that the future may look very different but this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t set a course. It’s time to head out to sea!"