MARIN offers a wide selection of papers in the field of hydrodynamics. Here you can read abstracts or send a request to receive a pdf version of a specific paper (if released for publication).

MARIN offers a selection of doctoral theses, approved by Delft University of Technology. Here you can download PhD-theses written by researchers at MARIN.

MARIN Report
MARIN Report is our corporate magazine. Issued several times a year it gives an overview of recent project and new items. Order here your free subscription.

MARIN leaflets give detailed information on our basins, simulators and tools. Click here to download.

Corporate brochure
The corporate brochure gives information on our services, activities, facilities & tools. It tells how MARIN can support the entire design process.Click here to download.

MARIN in the Media
MARIN is often being mentioned in the media, as a topic unto itself and as a reference resource. Here you find editorials from national and international news sources.

Media policy
As an independent and innovative service provider for the maritime industry and a contributor to the well being of society, MARIN likes to share its vision with third parties. To avoid misinterpretation or concerning incorrectnesses, MARIN pursues the following media policy