The MARIN Supervisory Board supervises MARIN’s operations, development strategy, budget and annual financial statements and administers the agreement with the external auditor. The Supervisory Board ensures that the management and control of MARIN’s operations and administration are satisfactory and conducted in accordance with legislation, agreements and decisions.

The Board consists of seven members and a representative of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, all appointed by the Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate for a 5 years terms.

Mr R. Verkerk Chairman
Mrs I. Dezentjé Hamming FME Association
Mr L. van Damme Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy Representative Ministry
Mrs T. Netelenbos Member
Mr W. Thomas Shell International BV Member
Mr G.J.M. van Rumund Mayor City of Wageningen Member
Mr F.A. Verhoeven Member
Mr J.H.N. van Ameijden Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding Member