SSSRI/MARIN JointVenture

The SSSRI/MARIN Joint Venture 合资公司

November 2008, Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN) and Shanghai Ship and Shipping Research Institute (SSSRI) signed a Memorandum of Understanding on establishing a joint venture in Shanghai, China. To serve Asian shipbuilding industries in a cooperative way under a joint brand name SSSRI/MARIN.

2008年11月, 上海船舶运输科学研究所(SSSRI)和荷兰海事研究所(MARIN)就在中国上海建立合资公司的事宜签署了谅解备忘录。合资公司将以SSSRI/MARIN共同品牌为亚洲的造船业提供优良服务。

Joint venture 合资公司

The Joint Venture followed 3 years of successful cooperation both on technical progress and market approach. Many common projects and the introduction of CFD and testing technology preceded this important step. The joint venture aims at bringing the high quality and experience of both organizations together, providing a good service for a competitive price to the Asian market. On the basis of clients’ requirements and capabilities, either the facilities of SSSRI or MARIN will be used in combination with SSSRI/MARIN expertise.


Brand name 品牌

The joint venture is denominated SSSRI/MARIN as a common brand name, which reflects more than 75 years of hydrodynamic research and industry services of MARIN in the world and the excellent services provided by SSSRI to the shipbuilding industries in the Far East.

合资公司以SSSRI/MARIN作为共同的品牌名称,反映并代表了MARIN 75年多水动力研究和工业服务的经验和SSSRI多年来为远东地区造船业提供的优质服务。

for more information see the JointVenture website.                                                MARIN representative in China:

Karola van der Meij<br>Project Manager Ships Karola van der Meij
Project Manager Ships


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