MARIN pursues a worldwide top position in developing, applying and sharing hydrodynamic and nautical knowledge. The MARIN Academy is MARIN’s way to accelerate this knowledge and sharing it through cooperation with international universities, research institutes and companies.

The MARIN Academy is not a university or a school. The MARIN Academy does not provide MSc or PhD diploma’s. The MARIN Academy does not have its own building. The MARIN Academy is the way we want to develop and
share knowledge together. The MARIN Academy does this through internshios, research jobs, and sabbaticals.

All participants in the MARIN Academy work in the regular MARIN offices, close to their research coaches. Specific MARIN facilities (such as the Concept Research Basin and the Cavitation tunnel) can sometimes be used for research work.

If you are currently enrolled in a (technical) university, and looking for a internship in challenging environment, the MARIN Academy offers you a wide variaty of research topics to work on.
Each year, the MARIN Academy gives students studying university/academic level, the opportunity to gain work experience and/or to complete their final year project. You will work closely with our professionals and receive guidance from these specialists who are known worldwide for their expertise.

Internships typically run for 3 to 12 months. You are only elligble for an internship at the MARIN Academy if the internship is part of the curriculum of your university.

Research jobs
To stimulate the knowledge development at MARIN, the MARIN Academy defines specific research projects. All projects are at post-graduate or post-doc level. Projects typically run for 0.5 to 2 years.

For a complete list of current open vacancies, contact us through the email addres below.

Sabbatical options are offered for international professors and researchers, typically for 3 months to one year. Please note, that when on a sabbatical leave at the MARIN Academy you will not be employed by MARIN or the MARIN Academy. Salary and funding must be provided by your own university of institute.

If you want more information about internships, research jobs, and sabbaticals, please send a letter and CV to