Wave Loads & Motions
The MARIN R&D team “Wave Loads and Motions” is in charge of research in the following fields:
• Realistic modelling of waves, both in the model basin and in simulation tools
• Wave loads on and motions of different types ships and offshore structures

This includes work on
• Identification and modelling of relevant physical processes
• Development of design and analysis tools for the hydrodynamic behaviour of structures, e.g. seakeeping and mooring analyses
• Analysis of motion behaviour
• Analysis of hydro-structural response
• Appropriate statistical analysis, also of non-linear processes and extremes

As such, the team’s research activities are linked to the research programmes
Waves & Workability
Operations at Sea
Time-domain Simulations & Control Theory

The team consists of the following researchers:

Egbert Ypma
Egbert Ypma
Senior Researcher, Team Leader, Research Coordinator Time-domain Simulations & Control Theory
Expertise: time domain simulations

Geert Kapsenberg
Geert Kapsenberg
Senior Researcher, Research Coordinator Waves & Workability
Expertise: impulsive wave loads

Tim Bunnik
Tim Bunnik
Senior Researcher, Research Coordinator Operations at Sea
Expertise: wave-structure interaction

Ed van Daalen
Ed van Daalen
Senior Researcher, secretary of Cooperative Research Ships
Expertise: ship motions

Joris van den Berg
Joris van den Berg
Expertise: time domain simulation, signal analysis

B&uumllent D&uumlz

Bülent Düz
Expertise: CFD for waves

The Wave Loads & Motions team is supported by MARIN Academy
researcher Gerson Fernandes.

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