In order to maintain its level of services to the worldwide industry, MARIN continuously invests in research. MARIN is committed to ambitious research programmes whereof some are in-house or in co-operation with universities and others have the form of Joint Research Programmes with industrial partners. MARIN participates in numerous national and European projects. Moreover, MARIN closely co-operates with leading international oil companies and offshore engineering companies.

MARIN research covers a large range of subjects, divided in the programmes:
Resistance & Propulsion
Waves & Workability
Manoeuvring & Nautical studies
Operations at Sea
CFD Development
Time Domain Simulations & Control Theory

For most of these topics, the R&D department performs the more fundamental research: development and validation of new tools and procedures. Together with the other business units of MARIN, the R&D department also performs research into the application of the new tools for design and analysis of ships and offshore structures.

Efficient and pragmatic planning and coordination of this extensive research field is crucial for ensuring both a high research level and applicability of the results in practice. This is the responsibility of the R&D Department, which supervises the research programs, initiates new projects and makes the plans for background research. The research coordinators of the R&D Department control and evaluate the realisation of the research work and provide technical advice to those carrying out the work.

Spreading of technology and dissemination of new R&D results is stimulated under responsibility of the R&D Department. Thereto, each research programme has its own internal forum, to discuss latest research results with the project managers of the business units. This ensures an early uptake of the results in project for the maritime industry.

The department is subdivided into three teams:
CFD Development
Resistance and Propulsion
Wave Loads & Motions
These teams are supported by research in the MARIN Academy.

The management and general staff of the R&D department are:

Henk Prins
Henk Prins
Manager R&D

Albert Aalbers
Albert Aalbers
Senior Researcher

Maarten Flikkema
Maarten Flikkema
Project Manager