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The simulators at MSCN are developed to serve the professional maritime world in studies and trainings with complex realistic simulation environments. Being part of MARIN (Maritime Research Institute Netherlands) the simulators are an extension of MARIN’s model testing enabling simulations based on high end hydrodynamic data, derived directly from the model tests. The direct implementation of the hydrodynamic data is possible because the simulator technology used, is based on in-house-developed software. The resulting mathematical manoeuvring model (e.g. vessel, tug or any other floating object) are six-degrees-of-freedom (6 DOF) models responding realistically to environmental conditions (wind, waves and current) and hydrodynamic interactions. Other real-life phenomena such as bank suction, squat and trim are depth/draft dependent modeled. More information on the simulators and the modeling can be found here.

Services & Activities
To meet the professional maritime world, MSCN can offer a large database of mathematical manoeuvring models based on previous model tests. When a dedicated model is required, MSCN experts can prepare such a mathematical model based on available model tests or manoeuvring tests. The design of the simulator enables almost any mathematical relation to be used for the mathematical manoeuvring model. Towing of large offshore modules, semi-submersibles, submersibles, fast craft etc. can all be accommodated in the simulators.

Besides the importance of accurate modeling of the mathematical manoeuvring models, a realistic simulation environment increases the realism of the simulated manoeuvres. The simulation environment can be divided into the bridge mock-up (layout) and the projected visuals. The bridge mock-up is module-based, providing a flexible and realistic set-up of the instruments required and which is corresponding with the bridge layout of the design vessel. The projected visuals are continiously upgraded with the implementation of special visual software used in the computer game industry to increase the realism of the simulations. The new technology allows special effects such as light breaking, mirroring, shadowing, the use of spray, foam, 3D fog, smoke, fire, snow, etc.

The general purposes of the simulators is to be able to conduct studies and/or trainings with and for STCW certified seafarers comprising:
During studies and/or trainings instructors operate the simulator(s) and (de)brief the participants. The instructors are carefully chosen for a project on experience and type of simulation. The MSCN instructors have all proven themselves at sea as Master Mariners. All activities occur in an environment where there is regular contact with pilots and captains on one hand and mathematicians and hydrodynamicists on the other hand. This ensures an optimal understanding of both nautical practices and sophisticated hydrodynamics.

The MSCN Department carries out projects on the following MARIN facilities:
Besides offering realistic simulation environments on their simulators, MARIN's Maritime Simulation & Software group also develops and sells simulators. A complete overview of software for sale can be found under Software Sales..

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Projects at the MSCN Department are supervised by the following Project Managers:

ir. Jos van Doorn<br>Manager MSCN<br> ir. Jos van Doorn
Manager MSCN

Max Duursma BSc<br>Senior Project Manager<br>Nautical Operations & Traffic and Safety Max Duursma BSc
Senior Project Manager
Nautical Operations & Traffic and Safety
Nautical Operations Group
Dimitri van Heel<br>Teamleader/Senior Project Manager<br> Dimitri van Heel
Teamleader/Senior Project Manager
ir. Freek Verkerk<br>Senior Project Manager<br> ir. Freek Verkerk
Senior Project Manager
ir. Dick ten Hove<br>Senior Project Manager<br> ir. Dick ten Hove
Senior Project Manager
ir. Johan Dekker<br>Senior Project Manager<br> ir. Johan Dekker
Senior Project Manager
ing. Gerrit van der Want<br>Senior Project Manager<br> ing. Gerrit van der Want
Senior Project Manager
ir. Martin van der Wel<br>Project Manager<br> ir. Martin van der Wel
Project Manager
ing. Wendie Uitterhoeve<br>Project Manager<br> ing. Wendie Uitterhoeve
Project Manager
ir. Just Settels<br>Project Manager<br><br><br> ir. Just Settels
Project Manager

Marta Ibarrondo MSc<br>Project Manager<br><br><br> Marta Ibarrondo MSc
Project Manager

Colin Guiking MSc<br>Specialist Human Factors<br><br> Colin Guiking MSc
Specialist Human Factors

Piet van der Zwaag BSc.<br>Project Engineer<br> Piet van der Zwaag BSc.
Project Engineer

Traffic and Safety Group

ir. Yvonne Koldenhof<br>Teamleader/Senior Project Manager<br> ir. Yvonne Koldenhof
Teamleader/Senior Project Manager
ir. Erwin van Iperen<br>Senior Project Manager<br> ir. Erwin van Iperen
Senior Project Manager
dr. ir. Miriam ter Brake<br>Project Manager<br><br> dr. ir. Miriam ter Brake
Project Manager

ir. Marjolein Hermans<br>Project Manager<br><br><br> ir. Marjolein Hermans
Project Manager

ir./MBA Wytze de Boer<br>Senior Project Manager<br> ir./MBA Wytze de Boer
Senior Project Manager
dr. Noortje Hobo<br>Project Manager<br> dr. Noortje Hobo
Project Manager
drs. ing. Koen Kauffman<br>Project Manager<br> drs. ing. Koen Kauffman
Project Manager
Thomas de Jong BSc.<br>Project Engineer<br> Thomas de Jong BSc.
Project Engineer

VTS Vessel Traffic Services

Ir. Jos van Doorn<br>VTS Coordinator Ir. Jos van Doorn
VTS Coordinator
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