Directed Acyclic Graph example Directed Acyclic Graph example
General information
The eXtensible Modeling Framework (XMF) is MARIN’s framework to develop simulation components and simulator applications.

XMF is a software architecture using a graph technology for structuring application code introducing a high level of flexibility and extensibility.

Because of the flexibility of graphs, gradual restructuring can be realised for existing and new simulation software code and eventually simulation systems. By using a clear functionality layering, the resulting application can easily be integrated in other simulation software or systems with minimal effort and without changing the core of the code and even facilitating the integration efforts.

For real-time and time domain simulation software, XMF has become MARIN's core architecture.

XMF use
As a software product, XMF consists of a set of libraries to be used as part of software developement for time-domain simulation tools and real-time simulators.

Although C++ is the preferred programming language for XMF module development, module develpment in other languages is also possible.

The XMF product contains the following libraries:

XMF technology stack XMF technology stack
  • Model System Toolkit (MST)
  • Model Math Library (MML)
  • Model Graph Library (MGL)
  • Extensible Modelling Framework (XMF)
  • Extensible Ship Framework (XSF)
Services & Activities
When XMF is considered as simulation developement framework, we offer a combination of technology and expert services in order to get the most out of the technology as soon as possible .

We have divided these activities into the following parts:

  • Inventory and preparation phase: State-of-the-art evaluation at client site resulting in a proposal for introduction and/or implementation assistance
  • XMF delivery: distribution & licensing;
  • XMF training and optional implementation assistance: training of XMF developers and assisting with first XMF implementation;
  • XMF support;
XMF is used as technology in the following projects:

Relevant papers and publications
(A complete overview of papers can be found under Publications)

Fast Small Ship Simulator takes to the waves for the first time
Pepijn de Jong & Noel Bovens, MARIN Report, 2017

XMF leads to development of a multi-purpose simulation platform
MARIN Report, 2015

Anchor Handling Simulation
Bovens, Randall, Collins, Weder, MARSIM, 2009

XMF is a Maritime Simulation & Software Group (MSG) framework.

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