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The MARIN# GUI is MARIN’s framework to develop customised applications based on a standardised library of graphical user interface components.

The MARIN# GUI library is designed from a user perspective and based on C#.NET. General accepted and known features of commonly used tools are also available in MARIN software. Working with a tree overview on the left and details on the right is common behavior for the Microsoft windows explorer.

MARIN# GUI is a Maritime Simulation & Software Group (MSG) framework.

For general information:
Maritime Simulation & Software Group
2, Haagsteeg
P.O. Box 28
6700 AA Wageningen
The Netherlands

Phone +31 317 49 32 37
Fax. +31 317 49 32 45

Expert contact:
Kor Molenmaker BSc
Team Leader software development group

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