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General information
This part of the Maritime Simulation & Software Group (MSG) activities focuses on the development and sales of hydrodynamic software and the integration of analysis, design and engineering processes into knowledge based workflows (including the former activities of Qnowledge BV).

Services & Activities
Our commercial activities can be divided into three parts:

  • Software development:
    Software design and development for MARIN projects. Usually this software development is part of Joint Industry Projects.
    Please note that MSG also develops and maintains software for internal use only;
  • Workflow solutions:
    Consultancy on streamlining analysis, design and engineering workflows, including (software) development based on Quaestor (our knowledge based engineering framework);
  • Software Sales:
    Supply or providing access to a selection of hydrodynamic software (also in combination with dedicated software and knowledge base development);
Facilities & Tools
Customers are operating in a highly competitive global market requiring intelligent, accurate, flexible and scalable solutions. Our information technology is built using modern software engineering concepts and in-house frameworks, facilitating these requirements.

User-interfaces, mathematical & real-time simulation models, knowledge based systems and concurrent engineering concepts can be developed, used and combined with limited amount of effort and high flexibility to realise hydrodynamic and nautical analysis, design and engineering solutions meeting these demands.

The following frameworks are part of our in-house technology:

  • XMF:
    MARIN's eXtensible Modeling Framework, a graph centric application architecture used for development of simulation and simulator applications.
    Go to XMF for more information.
    MARIN's framework of GUI components to develop dedicated graphical user interfaces.
    Go to MARIN# GUI framework for more information.
  • Quaestor:
    MARIN's knowledge based engineering framework to develop knowledge based application and streamline design and engineering workflows.
    Go to Quaestor or visit the user community for more information.
Besides using these frameworks, most of our products are written in C++, C#.NET, FORTRAN and JAVA for Windows based platforms. Our simulation software can also run on Linux based platforms.

Papers and articles on software tools and workflow solutions
(A complete overview of papers can be found under Publications)

Desktop studies turn new offshore initiatives into safe and efficient solutions
Arjan Voogt, MARIN Report, 2013

SafeTrans further improved to ensure even safer transport

QSHIP; Advanced Use of Hydrodynamics in Early Design
Bons, A., ICCAS, 2009

Emergency Towing Vessel, Concepts for a New Centrury of Emergency Towing
Stroo, SWZ, 2009

[Q]COOL: A Knowledge based Cooling Water System Configurator
Blom, Hees, COMPIT, 2006

Combining a Knowledge System with Computer-Aided Design
Oers, Hees, COMPIT, 2006


Floating Windfarms for Shallow Offshore Sites
R.H.M. Huijsmans, R.H.M. van Hees, M., Henderson, A.R., Zaaijer, M.B., Bulder, B., Pierik, J., Snijders, E., Wijnants, G.H. and , ISOPE Conference, Toulon, 2004

Knowledge-based Computational Model Assembling
Hees, Summer Computer Simulation Conference, Montreal, 2003

Design & Engineering tools and Workflow solutions is part of the Maritime Simulation & Software Group (MSG).

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