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Anchor Handling in heavy weather Anchor Handling in heavy weather

General information

MARIN has an ongoing Research and Development programme which implements improvements from lessons learnt, and which exploits the rapidly changing simulation technology base to bring increased functionality and increased fidelity to the simulated environment.

The developments can be divided in Project based and R&D based developments:

Project based

Project based developments are performed on request of the client and are part of the delivery of or upgraded simulator. Examples of project based developments are:

  • Database development:
    Besides our standard 3D databases, new 3D databases can be developed, usually based on available ENC's, pictures and Google Earth
  • Development of mathematical models:
    Besides our standard library of validated mathematical models, new mathematical models can be developed based on model tests and/or seatrials. If no information is available, the validated mathematical models can be scientifically/scaled and adjusted to the required design vessel
  • Navigation system integration
  • Development/integration of software modules
  • Development of communication interfaces
R&D based
R&D based developments are part of the roadmap of the Maritime Simulation & Software Group and can cover several years. A few ongoing and recent R&D developments are:

  • Mathematical Models:
    Although MARIN's mathematical models are known for their highly sophisticated and realistic manoeuvring characteristics, we are determined to improve the models even further based on continues new insights gathered within MARIN.
    Go to Mathematical models for more information.
  • Anchor Handling & Towing:
    MARIN’s DOLPHIN simulation technology with it's recently developed Anchor Handling and/or Ocean Towing functionality fulfils the requirement of a realistic simulation environment in which operators can practice their skills.
    Go to Anchor Handling & Towing or visit the Anchor Handling Simulator for more information.
  • Visualisation:
    The new projected visuals have been recently upgraded with the implementation of special visual software used in the computer game industry to increase the realism of the simulations.
    Go to Visualisation for more information.
For more information please contact Maritime Simulation & Software Group or visit our simulators.

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