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Skilled people, streamlined processes and advanced & high quality products are important to remain competitive in the global maritime, offshore and nautical industry. Combining and using competence, knowledge and information as soon as possible in design, engineering, analysis and training is a very important success factor.

The Maritime Simulation & Software Group (MSG) aims at providing the best solutions for the maritime, offshore and nautical industry to optimise use of competence, knowledge and information by means of software and hardware products.

We supply and develop measurement, analysis and calculation tools, as well as simulators, workflow solutions and knowledge based systems.

Services & Activities
The commercial services and activities of the Maritime Simulation & Software Group can be divided into following pillars:

  • Simulators:
    Developed to provide complex realistic and real-time simulation environments for the maritime and nautical industry. Used in nautical studies and training facilities. Our advanced simulation software is DNV approved.
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  • Design & Engineering tools and Workflow solutions:
    Focusing on development and sales of hydrodynamic software and the integration of analysis, design and engineering knowledge (including the former activities of Qnowledge BV).
    Go to Software Sales for more commercial information on software tools and to Workflow solutions for commercial information on streamlining analysis, design and engineering.
  • Technology Transfer:
    Focusing on sales of MARIN’s expertise on hydrodynamic testing, such as:
    - Consultancy on general facility specifications
    - Conceptual and detailed design assistance with equipment specifications
    - Supply of instrumentation
    - Data acquisition equipment and software
    - Systems integration support and training for operation of a hydrodynamic testing laboratories
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  • Training, Simulator & Software support:
    Focusing on training and support for our simulators and software tools.
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Sales, support and commercial projects at MSG are supervised by the following (project) managers:

Noel Bovens MSc<br>Business Unit Manager Noel Bovens MSc
Business Unit Manager
Ron Schoon BSc<br>Senior Project Manager Ron Schoon BSc
Senior Project Manager
Auke Ditzel PhD<br>Senior Project Manager Auke Ditzel PhD
Senior Project Manager
Sebastian Gueydon MSc<br>Researcher Sebastian Gueydon MSc
Arno Bons MSc<br>Senior Project Manager Arno Bons MSc
Senior Project Manager
Arie de Wit<br>Project Manager, Project Engineer Software Sales Support Arie de Wit
Project Manager, Project Engineer Software Sales Support
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