STW grants research programme SLING in the STW Perspective call

Through the STW Perspective programme, a unique public-private cooperation, named SLING, has been established between five top ranking research groups, the international LNG industry, the Dutch shipping and shipbuilding industry, Dutch engineering companies, and MARIN. SLING (Sloshing of Liquefied Natural Gas) is a 5.3 M Euro research programme with a 3.45 M Euro grant from STW.

The Dutch government has a vision to reduce emissions that effect the environment and the health. Switching to liquefied natural gas (LNG) as a fuel for ships and trucks can reduce emissions significantly. In the coming years, significant investments are needed in the infrastructure to distribute the LNG (fuelling stations, feeders, bunker ships), and in new technologies to run ships and trucks on LNG. Investments in the shipping sector lag behind. Cost reductions and safe technology are essential.

SLING develops the knowledge to enable new technologies for LNG tanks, with crucial cost saving potential. The key to design cost-effective LNG tanks is a shift to a first-principles approach to assess sloshing impacts. Due to the motion of the ship, surface waves are formed in the tanks that impact the tanks walls, with the risk of damaging the structure.
SLING brings together an unparalleled multidisciplinary team to tackle the complex sloshing physics through advanced experiments and numerical simulations. SLING creates a new Dutch knowledge infrastructure with multiphase flow experts, state-of-the-art numerical tools, and a unique multiphase facility.

More information
See the STW Perspective Call website or contact Hannes Bogaert.

November 19, 2015
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