Office tool aNySIM integrated into real-time onboard software

Following the successful implementation of fatigue design tools for onboard Advisory Hull Monitoring Systems (AHMS), mooring simulation software aNySIM is being integrated into an onboard fatigue tool for the integrity management of mooring lines.

AHMS advises on the hull integrity of FPSOs and helps the owner to understand the real age of the vessel by monitoring fatigue loading and coupling it back to the design tools. AHMS not only measures the fatigue but also explains why the measured fatigue deviates from design predictions.

MARIN has started the development of an onboard software for the integrity management of mooring lines without the need of sensors in or on the mooring line itself. Mooring line fatigue is dominated by ship’s motions at the fairlead positions. With the time domain simulation program aNySIM the mooring line tensions are calculated using the ship motions, the horizontal turret position in the field and the draught of the FPSO as input

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March 16, 2018
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