Modelling of the plume of a submerged exhaust system

The Royal Netherlands Navy (RNN) currently operates four diesel-electric Walrus class submarines. The submarines sail submerged on electric engines and periodically recharge the batteries with diesel engines at periscope depth. While recharging, air is taken in with a snorkel mast and exhaust gases are dispelled at the back of the sail, below water level.

To enable evaluating several exhaust configurations the Defence Material Organisation (DMO), responsible for the design and maintenance of the fleet of the RNN, has expressed desire in a numerical model to predict the surface elevation.

The numerical modelling is divided in two sections. First a turbulent jet is modelled to determine the required numerical settings, secondly the submarine simulations are performed. This article describes the influence of different turbulence models on the turbulent jet, the verification of the turbulent jet, and the validation of the submarine simulations with experimental data obtained by MARIN.

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October 5, 2017
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