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A special edition on ‘Measurements and Visualisation’ in the magazine of a research institute - Isn’t that like the carpenter promoting his saw, or the baker proudly showing his oven? Yes and no. Despite the fact that a carpenter cannot work with a blunt saw and the baker needs the best oven to bake tasty bread, there is more to it. Measurements are close to the heart of MARIN’s activities: without measurements we cannot research and without measurements we cannot advise.

This is true now, but it will also be like this in the future. We are definitely in a transition, gradually replacing more simple model tests with computational methods such as CFD. Future model tests will therefore focus on the complex issues. It is exactly this development that requires an emphasis on the complexity, detail and accuracy of our measurements, during both the validation of the CFD methods for certain applications, as well as for a check on the final result.

So this is a special edition on ‘Measurements and Visualisation’ in the digital age. And these developments go fast. For a long time, MARIN’s measurement options were limited to strain gauges, accelerometers, mechanical gyros and analog optical systems. But now fibre optics, high-speed video, stereo Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV), optical deformation measurements and miniaturised electronic gyros and accelerometers are available. They enable more accurate measurements and developments such as small, fast wireless models.

When it comes to visualisation huge steps are also being made. Because we were used to quasi-static, stroboscopic images, high-speed video really opened our eyes concerning the actual development of the cavity in time and space. And there is much more to explore when we are better able to combine measurements and visualisation.

Reasons enough for this special issue. We hope you enjoy!

The paper edition will be sent around early August.

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July 17, 2017
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