Fast Displacement Ships, publication and software online available

The FDS (Fast Displacement Ships) project (1979-1989) consisted of a large series of model experiments on frigate-type hull forms in calm water and in head seas. The main hull forms parameters, L/B, B/T and block coefficient have been systematically varied to arrive at around 40 different models.

As the results of this project are now public, a book and accompanying software program are online available.

The book gives the background of the project and the analysis of the results. The data are contained in a software program, also routines are made to interpolate the data for intermediate hull forms. A more general purpose powering prediction program for this type of hull forms has also been included. This program can be considered as a specialised version of the well-known DESP program. All hull forms can be extracted as 2D offsets, idf format, and 3D surface description, igs format.

Visit the webshop to order the book and accompanying software program at a reduce price of € 2,750.-

For more information on this project contact Geert Kapsenberg.

February 16, 2018
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