Addressing the elusive issue of comfort onboard

In a world that brings pretty much anything to you at the press of an app, we are often asked why it is so difficult to assess comfort onboard a yacht.

That the assessment of comfort onboard is not an easy task is also shown by the fact that there is no industry standard as yet. This problem has already been identified by the International Organization for Standardization and a new working group (ISO (TC8/SC12/WG 5 AWI 22834) led by MARIN is aiming to develop a comfort standard for yachts in the next three years.

After many years of research we know that a ship’s size does matter (the bigger the better), that the longitudinal weight distribution (figure 4) plays a more important role than the shape of the bow (figure 5), and that men and women react to the same stimuli in different ways and that this changes with age. We also understand that the most “comfortable” area is often located at a third of the ship’s length from the stern.

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November 12, 2018
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