Academics and industry jointly perform wave calculations

The maritime project ComMotion will soon draw to a close. In this project, academics and industry are working together on software that can very accurately calculate the impact of waves on maritime constructions. All parties involved benefit from the collaboration. ā€˜It is two-way traffic.ā€™

An article was published highlighting the succesful collaboration within the project and the manner in which the software was developed and is still being used and perfected. By interviewing professor Veldman (Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Groningen), Zana Sulaiman (CFD engineer at GustoMSC) and Joop Helder (MARIN) the story describes the process of a positive and fruitful collaboration between academics and industry, leading up to valuable innovation.

Read the article on the NWO website: Academics and industry jointly perform wave calculations

For more information on the ComMotion project contact Joop Helder.

December 21, 2018
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