09/11/26 Submarine Astute goes to sea MARIN and Deltares assist in safe departure
A joint study by Deltares en MARIN helped make it possible for the first of class Astute submarine to make a safe departure from the BAE Systems shipyard in Barrow-in-Furness (UK).

The ship has started on its first series of sea trials to show that it is the most advanced
submarine of this kind ever to serve in the Royal Navy.

For the manoeuvre from Ramsden Dock to the open sea, an extensive study was conducted
to check whether the 15 km fairway, as designed for the Vanguard class, could also
accommodate this new class of submarine.

Deltares conducted extensive modelling and field measurements, looking at the tides, the currents and the waves in the area. MARIN carried out model tests to assess the manoeuvring properties of the submarine and how it moves in response to waves. Based on the information about the vessel and the surroundings the channel passage was prepared in detail. The manoeuvre from the tidal dock to the open sea was studied at MARIN. The model was also used to train the pilots, the crew and the tug masters, with extensive attention being paid to emergency procedures. Deltares determined the maximum permissible wave conditions for a series of tidal conditions (high water levels) to make sure that the submarine would not touch the bottom. Deltares and MARIN attended the departure of the submarine to help evaluate the predicted wave conditions and to gather the experience with the manoeuvre for subsequent vessels in this class.

After the successful manoeuvre, Mr. Alastair Fryer BAE, who is responsible for the passage
of the Astute through the fairway, expressed his appreciation for the work done by MARIN
and Deltares: “The work done at your respective companies was I believe, fundamental to the
safe exit of the boat. It is another milestone in our co-operation which started with the Vanguard project in 1989."

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December 4, 2009
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