09/01/18 MARIN en DLD are joining forces in inland navigation
MARIN makes a good start in 2009 with the acquisition of Dutch Logistic Development. DLD is a well known company in the field of conceptual design and logistics within river transport. For years MARIN has been an active player in the field of hydrodynamics and propulsion. By merging knowledge and expertise both parties have the ambition to boost innovation and development in inland navigation.

Society is asking for change and innovation in the market segment of transport. Environmental policy is boosting. Reduction of CO2 is wished for. Traffic jams are increasing day by day. Moreover, the entrepreneur wants to minimize his costs. Optimal integration of the inland navigation into the overall transport chain is a significant solution in this field. Equally important is research into fuel-savings and emission reduction.

By joining forces and activities, MARIN offers now a combination of logistics, emission, concept development, hydromechanics and propulsion. This is a solid base for tackling future challenges within river transport. Mr. Henk Blaauw, founder of DLD, is going to lead the inland navigation team at MARIN. Henk Blaauw started working at MARIN as a graduate and eventually became president of MARIN’s Nautical Centre MSCN. In the past years many projects and assignments have been accomplished by MARIN and DLD together. Recently DLD has received an assignment from SenterNovem to elaborate the SBIR project. This very innovative project evolves possibilities for more intensive use of small fairways.

MARIN is happy with the acquisition of DLD and its expertise. The synergy of joining forces will consolidate MARIN’s national and international position in inland navigation.

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January 19, 2009
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