06/10/30 MARIN’s Compact Manoeuvring Simulator, a new and very cost-effective alternative for simulator training
Recently MARIN has introduced its Compact Manoeuvring Simulator: an in-house and flexible simulator product, enabling various types of manoeuvring simulations any time you want. Experiences so far are very positive, but please find out for yourself by attending our demonstrations from 13-17 November at MARIN Wageningen (Netherlands).

Many maritime organisations face it: high costs for on-the-job-training, reduced availability of standby time on real vessels and an untailored approach. Service quality, nautical safety and efficiency are under pressure with ports, tug companies, pilot organisations and shipping companies. A well trained crew is the key to safe and efficient operations. It reduces the risk of damage and expedites nautical operations (shortening waiting times).

For this reason MARIN introduces the Compact Manoeuvring Simulator.

The variety of operations that the Compact Manoeuvring Simulator can handle is truly enormous. The simulator is capable of handling normal vessels as well as special propulsion systems such as pods, ASD’s and VSP’s. Typical applications are ship handling, tug handling (harbour / coastal), escorting operations and even offshore and DP-operations.

With the ‘Instructor station’ one can control an additional ownship, multiple tugs and other traffic, thus enabling various multi-vessel operations under all kinds of environmental situations.

The Compact Manoeuvring Simulator has been designed for ‘stand alone’ use at your location. Support and maintenance of the system is done via a remote connection (internet or isdn) with MARIN.

Flexible into the future
The Compact Manoeuvring Simulator is completely modular and can easily be extended to have additional visual channels or additional bridge equipment such as ECDIS, ARPA, Conning, controls, winches and indicators. Finally, even the coupling of a number of these simulators into a combined scenario is within the standard capability of the software, which in fact is the same as the software in use at MARIN’s own Full Mission Simulators.

And affordable
Your own in-house simulator, customised consoles, 180 degrees visual scenery or more, easy and reliable control and high fidelity modelling .... due to the technological developments now an affordable option!

Would you like to experience the variety of operational applications of the Compact Manoeuvring Simulator for yourself and visit the 13 – 17 November demonstrations? Contact us today at n.bovens@marin.nl.

Date: 2006/10/30

January 22, 2007
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