The main objective of this project is to find possible resistance reductions for displacement hull forms by:

  • Adaptive bulbous bow shapes as function of the speed
  • Adaptive foiled bulbs as function of the speed
The approach will be based on numerical simulations. No model tests are foreseen at the moment.
Part of the research (the first 1-2 months) will be based on literature study, to explore if similar applications have already been developed and studied.

It is our intention to find inspiration by nature, looking at solutions adopted by marine animals to reduce their hydrodynamic resistance when swimming. A general discussion with a marine biologist is on our to-do list.

We foresee the involvement of a student, especially in the first more general phase of the project (literature study, first evaluation of a range of possible solutions) in order to reduce the costs and reserve budget for investigating more in detail more promising solutions.

More information
Project plan: Adaptive bulb concepts
Contact: Enrico Della Valentina