WiFi: Wave impacts on Fixed turbines


The objective of the WiFi JIP (Wave impacts on Fixed turbines) is: To improve the way effects of steep (and breaking) waves are taken into account in the design methodology of fixed offshore wind turbines, so that optimised offshore wind turbines can be developed

The focus of the JIP will not only be on the extreme breaking waves, but also on more moderate sea states (as their loading is complex and important as well) and waves with specific characteristics, such as steep fronted as they have an important effect on the fatigue life of an OWT. In short the overall focus of the WIFI JIP is:

  • Global loading and response, including turbine due to (breaking) waves
  • Wave run up and secondary structures loading due to (breaking) waves
  • Extreme and fatigue loading of the OWT due to (breaking) waves, in perspective of total design
  • Design alternatives: monopiles, jackets
  • Improve the design and classification methods in this field
The WiFi JIP aims at the following participants:
Turbine designers, offshore enginering companies, Turbine manufacturers, operational contractors, windpark developers, classification societies and (renewable) energy companies.

More information can be read in this documentation sheet.

If you are interested in the WIFI JIP, please contact:
Erik-Jan de Ridder
T +31 317 493205
E e.d.ridder@marin.nl

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