INNOVERO’s aim is to create a pre-contractual design platform where knowledge (design models, data, methods, tools) from different disciplines can be accommodated for use in design and simulation at the component level up to system design. This platform should allow different individuals or parties, each responsible for a particular discipline, to work together on a conceptual design. With the tools made available on this platform, a designer can better understand the characteristics and capabilities of design concepts and can easily vary and refine them.

In an early or pre-contractual design stage, the ship designers ability to concurrently apply design and simulation tools from different disciplines is limited, not in the least by the fact that many of the more advanced tools require a geometric representation of the design concept as input. To create more competitive designs, it is important to be able to create meaningful geometric representations already in the pre-contractual design phase. In this design phase, innovations mainly occur on the interface between transport chain and design concept determining the competitiveness of the design.

The three-year Dutch Maritime Innovation Platform project INNOVERO aims to improve the early design process in such way that advanced design and simulation tools can be applied already in early design.

The project is a collaborative effort of Conoship International, Damen Research, Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding, Imtech, Royal Netherlands Navy, MARIN, SARC, TU Delft and Whale Informatics and is directed by the CMTI foundation.

For more information on the INNOVERO work within MARIN. Please contact:

Martin Th. van Hees (, +31 317 493468)
Arno Bons (, +31 317 493533)
Timo Verwoest (, +31 317 493235)

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