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New C-DRONE - for undisturbed wave spectrum measurements New C-DRONE - for undisturbed wave spectrum measurements

During trials the correct measurement of metocean conditions is crucial for reproducibility, performance prediction and to avoid disputes between different stakeholders. MARIN believes its new C-DRONE can make it much easier to obtain accurate measurement data.


Improved modelling of sheet cavitation dynamics on Delft Twistll Hydrofoil
In this paper, unsteady viscous-flow cavitation predictions for a 3D hydrofoil are performed using three different approaches: a pure RANS method, a RANS method including an eddy-viscosity "Reboud" correction, and a DDES Scale-Resolving-Simulation approach.
BlueWeek, October 9-11, Rostock
After the successful session in April, BlueWeek is ready for the autumn session. The event will be hosted by Gicon and University of Rostock. Join us again for seminars, panel discussions and the open forum for new Joint Industry proposals.
AMT’17, October 11-13, Glasgow
We are pleased to invite you to the Maritime Safety seminar on September 12 in Singapore. Key subjects of the seminar will Data Analysis, Autonomous Systems, Smart/Innovative Infrastructure and Safety.