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Your future is Blue! Blueweek, April 10-13 Your future is Blue! Blueweek, April 10-13

This year MARIN will organise the traditional BlueWeek in two sessions. The spring session (April 10-12) will be hosted by Port of Den Helder, in cooperation with Wageningen Marine Research and the KIM, (the Royal Netherlands Naval College).

Sustainable transition is underway. So join us for for seminars, workshops and new JIP initiatives. Free of charge.


The US Coast Guard and MARIN: a long-term link
MARIN’s naval activities do not stop at Dutch shores. MARIN has strong relationships with many international navies and naval shipyards. The relationship with the US Coast Guard is such an example. Many of its existing and new ships were tested at MARIN.
CFD simulations and experiments of a maneuvering generic submarine and prognosis for simulation of near surface operation
This paper presents simulations and experiments of the generic submarine Joubert BB2 in self-propulsion and free running maneuvering conditions.
Low noise tunnel thruster JIP open to new participants
Main objective of the TT JIP is to develop a method to select and design, as well as to assess the side force performance, vibration excitation and radiated noise of tunnel thrusters. 20 participatns already work together, but new participants are welcome to join.