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MARIN's commercially available software is provided by the Maritime Simulation & Software Group (MSG).

Besides model basins, software is one of MARIN's important facilities & tools providing services for the maritime, offshore and nautical industry. Knowledge and experience developed during our research and development is assimilating into software that is used on a day-to-day basis. Our tools are continuously validated with model test results and full-scale data. Moreover, new software is developed as a convenient way to secure project results for many of our present (research) projects, such as the Joint Industry Projects MARIN participates in.

Due to project confidentiality, high-tech nature of some products combined with support limitations and strategic considerations, we have limits to the software packages that can be purchased. If you have interest in MARIN software not presented below, please contact us to discuss how we can assist you in alternative ways. Furthermore, contacting us will show market demand for future considerations.

Our aim is to provide as much solutions within the constraints above. Therefore, we have tagged our software to the following models, enables you to identify restrictions and requirement related to availability, conditions, training and support:

  1. Boxed:
    Software that can be bought without any restrictions other than mentioned on our Support page
  2. Project (Pro):
    Software offered on a project basis. MARIN prepares/configures a project specific software solution based on pro software, which can be used by the client for their hydrodynamic studies in their current projects. This is especially relevant for advanced simulation tools
  3. Expert:
    Software that can be bought but will always be accompanied with mandatory expert training and support restrictions as mentioned for expert support on our Support page
  4. JIP:
    Software developed as part of a Joint Industry Project (JIP). Purchase might be possible but will depend on agreements within the specific JIP
  5. Custom:
    Software solutions tailor made for clients using MARIN components and our software frameworks. See Design & Engineering tools and Workflow solutions for more information
Please note that you can always contact MARIN experts and discuss possibilities to let MARIN perform your studies using our in-house software tools.

Software product list
We have categorised our software into the following topics:

Some of our software is available for online purchase through the MARIN webshop. Please press the buy now button to get to the specific purchase page.


Propeller design & analysis
Product name Description Models
PSPbuy now Wageningen Propeller Series (including the book) Boxed
CSPDP Client Specific Propeller Design Boxed
QPROP Advanced propeller design and analysis.
The workflow uses individual codes such as INDFACT (lifting line), ANPRO (lifting surface) and PROVIS (visualisation).
MCD-Series The Wageningen C- and D-propeller Series software Boxed

Important remarks

* aNySIM is only for sale in exceptional cases on the basis of special restrictions. Usually, aNySIMPro is proposed as the tool for time domain simulation, focussing on a client specific project including MARIN assistance.
*** DIFFRAC is only for sale in exceptional cases on the basis of special restrictions.
Please contact for more details.


Operability analysis
Product name Description Models
TAT Tug Assist Tool Boxed
SAFETRANS Safe design and operation of marine transports JIP (Safetrans)

Nautical training & analysis
Product name Description Models
DOLPHIN * Real-time simulation software Expert
SHIPMA Fast-time simulation program for ship manoeuvring Expert
VTS * Vessel Traffic Service simulation software Expert

Important remarks

* usually accompanied with hardware to create a simulator. See also Simulator development.


MARIN development frameworks
Product name Description Models
QUAESTOR Framework for knowledge based workflow development and use
For information on workflow solutions click [Here]
XMF Framework for real-time simulation software
For work on simulator development click [Here].
MARIN Inside your interface with MARIN hydrodynamics Expert

See Design & Engineering tools and Workflow solutions for more information on using the frameworks.


General requirements and specifications
Our products are written in C++, C#.NET, FORTRAN and JAVA for Windows based operating systems.

Software sales is part of the MARIN Software Group.
If you want to purchase the software above, please contact

For general information:
MARIN Software Group
2, Haagsteeg
P.O. Box 28
6700 AA Wageningen
The Netherlands

Phone +31 317 49 32 37


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