Manoeuvring, Seakeeping and Nautical Software
General information
MARIN’s software tools for seakeeping are used for a wide range of applications, including ship motion analysis, hull pressure distributions for structural analysis, added resistance in waves, operability analysis and voyage simulations. The results obtained with these software tools can be enhanced with the vast experience from model tests in MARIN’s Seakeeping and Manoeuvring Basin.

Software tools seakeeping
The following software tools have been developed for hydrodynamic research:

Frequency domain 2D potential, seakeeping code for analysis of ship motions
Long term statistics and downtime analysis
  • Fredyn
Time domain seakeeping code
    Linear 3D diffraction theory program for first order ship motions. Features: relative motions and velocities; local pressures; wave loads; added resistance in waves; multi-hulls; motion control (fins and rudders, passive and active); flexural mode analysis; local flow velocities (e.g. in wake field or propeller plane)
    • PRETTI
    Non-linear time domain program based on PRECAL for first order ship motions. Features: motion control; resistance-propulsion model with engine control scenarios.
    Time domain panel method. Linear and non-linear versions are available. Features: first and second order ship motions, relative motions and velocities, local velocities and pressures, added resistance in waves, multihulls, high speed craft, ride control options (trim flaps, interceptors, fins, T-foils)
    Routing simulations specialised in fuel consumption
    Routing simulations specialised for time/downtime and motions

    Software tools Manoeuvring
    Calculation of ship manoeuvres for full block ships
    Calculation of ship manoeuvres for slender ships
    • COGNAC
    Computation of crabbing performance
    Calculation of wave resistance and potential flow
    Calculation of the viscous flow around ships hulls
    Detailed analysis of manoeuvring forces by computational fluid dynamics(CFD)
    • SAMSON
    Time domain simulations of the submarine platform
    Simulations of the motions of a submarine in the time domain
    • SUBMAR
    Power prediction for submarines
    Analysis of multi body dynamics in dynamic positioning
    Analysis of Thruster capacity in dynamic positioning

    Software tools Nautical
    Simulation of ships in ports or fairways
    Real time simulation software for full mission bridge simulator

    Software Sales
    Part of our software tools are available for commercial use outside MARIN. A complete overview of these software tools for sale can be found under Software Sales.

    If you want MARIN to use these tools for your project, please contact the Ships Manoeuvring & Seakeeping Department.

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