Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) Simulators
General Information
MARIN's VTS simulator is designed to train personnel in handling shore-based ship radio communication services as well as using radar and communication equipment by means of a computer simulation system. The simulator consists of a number of stations for the instructors/ship-operators, stations for trainees, a debriefing station and a preparation station. The stations for instructor/ ship-operators and trainees are fitted with radar and communication equipment. Remote pilotage training can be conducted on this simulator as well.

Vessel Traffic Service Simulator
MARIN’s Vessel Traffic Service Simulator is an ideal training tool for VTS-Operators complying with International IALA regulations. Rather than just having one operator workstation as a training device, this VTS simulator comes with a completely interactive Instructor – Trainee System, including numerous functions to optimise training results.
The VTS simulator can also be used for communication training for crew on board of patrol vessels and lock personnel and for emergency training, for traffic managers and lock masters. Other applications are workload.
More information can be found on this datasheet.

  • Port of Amsterdam, VTS simulator
  • Groningen Seaports, VTS simulator
  • STC-Group, VTS simulator
  • Port of Rotterdam, VTS simulator (in progress)
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