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MARIN's simulators are provided by the Maritime Simulation & Software Group (MSG) . MSG has an active history in the development of (full-mission) bridge simulators and Vessel Traffic Service simulators.

The bridge manoeuvring simulators are based on the DNV certified Mermaid/DOLPHIN software. The uniqueness and the power of this software lies in the unrivalled high level of modelling that can be expected from a renown model testing institute such as MARIN. The bridge simulators are developed to serve the professional maritime world in studies and trainings for complex realistic manoeuvring. Being completely modular in set-up and configuration, this software package is used successfully on small, medium and large bridge simulators.

The VTS simulator is an ideal training tool for VTS-Operators in compliance with relevant IMO and IALA guidelines and recommendations. Rather than just having one operator workstation as a training device, this VTS simulator comes with a completely interactive Instructor – Trainee System, including numerous functions to optimise training results. The system is highly flexible, with an interface allowing for connection to various input/output devices, such as our bridge simulator.

Compact Manoeuvring Simulator in Malta Compact Manoeuvring Simulator in Malta

When ordering a simulator

MARIN's simulators are available in great variaties and sizes and range from a Desktop simulator, an intermediate size Compact Manoeuvring Simulator to a Full-Mission Bridge simulator with Anchor Handling or VTS functionality. One thing they all have in common is the proven Mermaid/DOLPHIN software.

A simulator exists of many aspects on which has to be decided. MSG has a vast experience to guide you through all the possibilities, always keeping the clients requirements and budget in mind. Our capabilty statement gives you an good idea of what is possible with regard to the bridge simulators, including interfaces for nautical equipment such as DP controls.

Once the scope is determined, the project is started by ordering all the required hardware and by collecting the required data. The simulator is then build at the MARIN premises followed by a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). For an average CMS simulator it takes about 6 months to build from start. On completion, the simulator is transported by air or sea to the simulator premises of the client, where a Site Acceptance Test (SAT) is held. After a succesful SAT, the waranty period of 12 months comes into effect. During the warranty period support is given by telephone and through a secured VPN connection. On completion of the warranty period it is recommended that support is defined in a helpdesk-contract or more extensive, in a maintenance contract.

The simulator is build redunded to secure all the important data and software. More over, MSG uses a remote backup utility with timestamp which secures the important data and software at the MARIN premises including the carefully made exercises. Of each simulator a test environment is created at MARIN, which is softwarewise an exact copy of the client's simulator for testing and support.

The MSG Group exists of enthousiastic project engineers and managers which have vast experience in simulator technology, but also in nautical training and research, software developement and physiscs to provide the best suitable solution for our clients. More information on our experience can be found in our main simulator supplies leaflet.

Most recent papers on Simulator Sales presented by MARIN
(complete overview of papers can be found under Publications)

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Most recent articles on Simulator Sales written for MARIN Report
(complete overview of articles can be found under Publications)

For more information on how MARIN can help your organisation with any kind of simulator, please contact the Maritime Simulation & Software Group.

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