Full Mission Bridge Simulators
General information
MARIN’s Nautical Centre MSCN operates three different DOLPHIN type real-time navigation simulators for research, consultancy and training purposes. DOLPHIN/MERMAID simulators are approved by Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and are also commercially available.

MSCN has 6 bridge simulators available:
  • (1) Full-mission bridge simulator I, fully equipped bridge with a 360° visual projected scenery
  • (1) Full-mission bridge simulator II, fully equipped bridge with a 210° visual projected scenery, with additional rear view
  • (4) Tertiary bridge simulators, partially equipped bridges with a bird’s-eye-view monitor
The simulation technology is the result of over more than 25 years of research and development and is an ongoing process. All 6 simulators are operated on the same in-house developed technology and can be operated independently or in any combination. The mock up of each simulator can be adapted according to the client wishes or research needs and is therefore versatile. All simulators are human operated. Further information can be found in the capability statement.

Full-mission bridge simulator I and II
A mock-up of real ship bridges is located in the centre of a cylindrical projection wall on which the graphical image is projected with a high update rate. The bridges are equipped with realistic consoles and instrumentation. Bridge and console layout can be adapted according to client wishes or research needs.

The full-mission bridge simulator I has a 360° visual projected image, with a vertical field of view of 35°. Additional viewing positions and/or a stealth system offering a 3D view from any observation point can be installed. By default the stealth system is located in the instructor room. Full-mission bridge simulator II is slightly smaller but still offers a 210° visual image. A panorama view of Full-mission bridge can be found here. A panorama view of Full-mission bridge II can be found here.

Tertiary bridge simulators
The four tertiary bridges are based on exactly the same ‘own ship’ functionality as the full-mission bridge simulators. Default configuration consists of consoles with steering and winch controls. On different TFT monitors, the radar, navigational instruments, and the area are displayed. Through a projection system a visual image of the area is dsiplayed.

For more information on how MARIN can help your organisation with any kind of simulator, please have a look at Simulator Sales or contact the Maritime Simulation & Software Group.

For more information about the full-mission bridge simulators, either for training, development or research projects, please contact the MSCN Department.

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