FSSS / Fast Small Ship Simulator
FSSS – Modelling of slamming, broaching and surf riding!
Bouncing over the waves at a speed of 43 knots, the director of the Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO) Arie Jan de Waard, together with MARIN director Bas Buchner, have made the first test voyage on the moving ‘Fast Small Ship Simulator’. This FSSS is built by MARIN and partners Cruden and TreeC under a DMO project as catalyst for the development of this prototype. Vice Admiral De Waard experienced the test as very realistic: ‘You feel as if you are involved in a complex
operation at sea. Virtual reality like this is going to play a large role in education and training.’

A new service!
Experience your ship motions and operations during the design process and allow captains to engage in the design discussions. Bridging the gap between operations and engineering is a strategic goal for MARIN.
This is why we now offer a motion based simulator as an add-on to the traditional design services.
This opens up new possibilities such as:

  • Comparison of stabilising systems, DP, different hull shapes and arrangements.
  • Experience the ship under operational conditions - How does it actually feel? Allowing wind, wave, current and passing ships to be set from the simulator position with just a few mouse clicks.
  • Confidence building and training prior to the real operation.
  • Assessment and Decision making.
More info
for more information read this documentation sheet or mail to Noel Bovens (Manager MSG department)

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