Offshore Basin
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The Offshore Basin (10.2 m deep) is a realistic environment for testing offshore models. Its current generation system allows different vertical current profiles. Combined wind, waves and swell are generated using wave generators on both sides of the basin and a movable windbed. A movable floor allows testing from shallow to deep water, while a 30 m deep pit is available for ultra deep water testing.

The carriage enables efficient testing and monitoring of offshore tests. The carriage can follow the movements of the model in both directions of the horizontal plane at a speed up to 3.2 m/s. With an extra installed turntable, the system is able to perform captive manoeuvring tests in shallow and deep water. Therefore rotating arm tests are possible.

Waves, wind & current
Wave generators are positioned at two adjacent sides of the basin and consist of hinged flaps. Each segment (width 40 cm) has its own driving motor, which is controlled separately. The wave generators are able to simulate various wave types, such as short crested wave patterns. The system is equipped with compensation of wave reflection from the model and the wave absorbers. Opposite this wave generator, passive wave absorbers are installed. For wind generation, a free moving and positionable platform of 24 m width, equipped with electrical fans is available. Current can be simulated with all kinds of profiles (hurricane, deep water current etc). Divided over the water depth of 10.5 m, six layers of culverts, each equipped with a pump, are installed.

Other capabilities
The concrete movable floor has dimensions of 45 × 36 m and a height of 1.75 m. An optical tracking system is mounted on the sub carriage for the measurement of 6 D.O.F. model motions.

Model size range
Models tested in the Offshore Basin vary from ship model (3 - 6 m) to floating structures of any kind. The size of floating structures is depending on water depth and wave conditions (usually between 0.2 m for buoys and 4 m for platforms).

Test capabilities
  • Offshore structure models, fixed, moored or controlled by dynamic positioning in waves, wind and current
  • Captive or free sailing manoeuvring tests in shallow water
For more information on the Offshore Basin, please contact the Offshore department.

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