Deep Water Towing Tank
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The Deepwater Towing Tank (252 x 10.5 x 5.5 m) is used to optimize resistance and propulsion characteristics of ship designs. To provide insight in the possible improvements in performance the tank has the features to measure various wave and flow patterns. In addition to the standard resistance and propulsion tests the rudder or pod angle, pod position and propeller rotation direction can be optimised.

Dimensions 250 m × 10.5 m, 5.5 m deep
Carriage Manned, motor-driven, four drive wheels, four pairs of horizontal guide wheels
Maximum carriage speed 9 m/s
Drive system and total power Thyrister controlled power supply, 4 × 45 kW
Other capabilities Vertical/horizontal PMM, wind-force dynamometer set-up
Instrumentation Dynamometers with strain gauge transducers in propelled hub, wind-force dynamometer, 6-component force balance dynamometer, 5-hole pitot tube, laser doppler velocity scanner, underwater photographic and video tape systems, pressure transducers, transducer for wave cut experiments
Model size range 1.5 - 13 m

Test capabilities
  • Resistance and self-propulsion tests in calm water
  • Open water propelled/ducted propeller tests
  • 3-D wake surveys
  • Flow observation tests by paint or tufts
  • Measurement of hydrodynamic forces and moments on submerged bodies, foils etc
  • Vertical/horizontal planar motion experiments
  • Yacht testing
  • Longitudinal wave cut experiments
  • Current force measurements
  • Unsteady propeller blade force measurements
For more information on the Deep Water Towing Tank, please contact the Ships Powering department.

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