All MARIN basins and simulators are accessible for external researchers under the conditions listed below. In all cases, the general terms and conditions of MARIN apply.

  • Access is granted on a pay-per-use basis. This means that all costs for running, maintaining and further development of the facilities are charged to the users on an hourly rate basis.
  • Research in the facilities can only be performed through MARIN staff: a project manager, project engineers, basin staff, and data analysts
  • Research will be performed using physical MARIN models, unless otherwise agreed. Tests can be combined with external control systems or client software models.
  • Scheduling of the experiments will be done based on the overall availability of the basin and the delivery of data by the user. In general, scheduling is done on a first-come first-serve basis.
  • Data generated in the research is stored for 3 years; physical models used in the research are stored for 1 year, unless agreed upon otherwise
  • While accessing the MARIN premises, MARIN’s Health and Safety regulations apply
  • All research in the facilities is carried out according to the procedures put forth in the MARIN QA system
  • All data exchanged is treated as company confidential; further restrictions on data access can be agreed upon separately
  • IPR and rights for use of the research results are defined in the general terms and conditions of MARIN, article 5 and 6
All foreign access to the MARIN facilities is subject to Dutch export regulations and defence security restrictions. Access is denied when export permits can not be obtained.

Requests for quotation for the use of the MARIN facilities can be send to our business units Ships, Offshore, and MSCN, or to MARIN has the right to refuse to offer on a request for quotation, based on the feasibility of the requested use of the facility or the concept to test, or on the requested time-frame of the project. Once all technical, financial and administrative details of the project are agreed upon, a project will always be executed; no further selection procedure is applied.

MARIN offers training on the use and interpretation of research data from its model basins. For more information, see our courses.