Unique floating EcoTLP
Mocean, DBD Systems and Ewind decided to test their unique floating concrete Tension Leg Platform (TLP) foundation for deep-water sites, which is suitable for the Siemens SWT 6.0-154 6MW offshore wind turbine generators and similar WTGs.

Jelte Kymmell, Mocean Managing Director, explains that the tests were carried out to validate numerical models and to prove the concept’s feasibility. Results of the tests indicated lower than predicted wave induced accelerations and tendon loads, and support the development of a practical
foundation solution that allow offshore wind farms to capture the highest wind resource in deep-water sites. The design was validated for survival conditions up to 10m Hs and above, in a depth of 150 m or more.

“The tests enabled us to increase design conditions while reducing mooring costs, which made the
feasibility of the concept much better. Without MARIN we would not have been able to obtain these results and subsequently, the development of this groundbreaking, deep-water wind farm project might have run aground, stresses Mr Kymmell. “In this sense MARIN truly enables innovative developments that will shape the future of offshore structures.”


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