The Ocean Cleanup
The Ocean Cleanup develops systems to clean the world’s oceans from plastic using a passive
system involving extremely long, floating barriers that allow the garbage to be collected and concentrated using only natural ocean currents. In 2015, the concept was already tested at MARIN. Investigations studied the motion response of the barrier to the conditions encountered in the North
Pacific at 1:20 scale. While such a scale is sufficient to characterise the motion response of the barrier, it is not suitable to investigate the capture efficiency of the barrier.

Therefore, new tests comprised a 2D section of a rigid, as well as a flexible structure, at a scale of 1:5. The picture shows the model barrier with drifting plastic objects of various sizes. The complex interaction between the flow and the plastic objects was investigated for a broad range of wave
and current conditions. Results will later be used for the optimisation of the barrier and for further validation of CFD models.

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