Seaqualizer, spring balanced offshore access bridge
The Seaqualizer has been developed to improve offshore heave compensation for access bridges. The Seaqualizer technology converts the non-linear force of a gas (or hydro-pneumatic) spring into an easily adjustable linear force. This is done by several mechanical measures. A detailed scale model of a ship with the Seaqualizer system and an offshore access bridge was tested. The project confirmed that balanced heave compensation enables a range of potential benefits compared to other solutions, such as increased safety, energy savings (>50% compared to existing solutions), ease of engagement andreduced gas volume. These benefits will lead to a range of new solutions for offshore motion compensation and will also lead to improvements and cost savings in (engaging) existing heave compensation systems.

The model was equipped with several active force feedback control systems to overcome this problem. MARIN further assisted with the development of a numerical model of the ship in waves and the active heave compensation. With the tuned and validated numerical model, additional environmental conditions, not included in the basin tests, can be simulated numerically.

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