Sea Support Campaign Runner©
Sea Support’s Campaign Runner© concept was established in anticipation of a steady growth in walk to work offshore service and accommodation vessels. To date, the transport of maintenance personnel and spare parts for near shore offshore wind farms is mainly carried out by small crew transfer vessels. However, this is not practical further offshore.

The Campaign Runner© concept focuses on being able to stay at sea for several days, for example two to four weeks, before having to exchange crew. Specifically designed for comfort at sea and to provide safe access to turbines, the Campaign Runner© allows a crew of up to 45 technicians carry out round the clock maintenance.

The tank tests were performed in order to validate comfort, workability in gangway or walk to work mode where the gangway is deployed to create access to the wind turbine and finally, to validate the DP characteristics through captive current/tow tests.

Simon Anink, Director Sea Support, explains: “Results turned out slightly better than initially thought when based on the AQWA simulations. MARIN turned out to be a real enabler as both potential investors and clients visited the basin during the tests, which generated a lot of enthusiasm
and solid interests were established as a result.” Sea Support is approaching the market for a private equity placement in order to start building two CR60s next year.

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