AntiRoll roll damping system
AntiRoll, a new roll damping system, was successfully tested at MARIN and the first system has already been produced and installed. The unique, dual-axis fin stabiliser, which rotates whilst sailing and flaps at anchor, provides stabilisation both underway and at zero speed without
compromising performance. In addition, with the fin flapping at zero speed as opposed to rotating,
a greater lifting force is generated providing a more stable platform.

AntiRoll Chief Executive Officer Arnold van Aken says the measurements were found to fit well with the theoretical predictions and were often amazingly accurate. He points out that the flapping motion indeed provided much greater stabilisation than a traditional fin system.

“The collaboration with MARIN has been excellent. We had a dedicated Project Manager as a direct point of contact, who put us in touch straight away with the right experts in relevant fields such as simulation and hydrodynamics. MARIN has an unprecedented wealth of theoretical knowledge and practical experience and these seamlessly link together. The added value of MARIN is therefore

For a young company to be given a chance to participate in the programme is very important, he
stresses, adding that otherwise it would be difficult to get such an innovative product to the market.

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