Presentations Software Seminar Houston Oct 2016
Presentation Speaker Company
Opening Remarks and MARIN introduction Arno Bons Project Manager Software Sales, MARIN
Keynote: HiLoad LNG parallel Loading System Erwan Auburtin Naval Architect, Technip
Rapid experiences Anil Raj President, Tai Engineers
Tools for ships sailing at forward speed Michiel Gunsing Project Manager Ships, MARIN
Dynamic positioning research: Topics, Trends & Tools Hans Cozijn Project Manager Offshore, MARIN
Terminal design analysis using TERMSIM Walter Sonne Team manager, Chevron
Time domain simulations past, present and future Arjan Voogt Manager MARIN USA
Mooring master competence assurance Nils Knutstad Learning&Development officer, Chevron
SHIPMA in projects Tom Sellers Prject Engineeer, MARIN USA
The future of ReFRESCO/CFD Filipe Pereira PHD TAM University, MARIN Academy
CFD for offshore applications: Using ReFRESCO Arjen Koop Project manager Offshore, MARIN


Some photo's taken at the seminar (Zip 37 Mb)

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