Presentations Software Seminar Singapore Sept 2015
Presentation Speaker Company
Welcome Address Lance Lim Chief Technology Officer, Singapore Polytechnic
Opening Remarks and MARIN introduction Arno Bons Project Manager Software Sales, MARIN
Maritime by Holland Susan van Boxtel Innovation Advisor, Royal Dutch Embassy
Numerical Studies in com bination with model tests Jie Dang Project Manager Ships, MARIN
Zi Qian Yang Delta Marine Consultants Singapore
MARIN software in concept design Arjan Voogt Manager MARIN USA
Dynamic Positioning Hans Cozijn Project Manager Offshore, MARIN
This presentation is not downloadable due to restricted information Richard Zoontjes HMC Heerema (Singapore)
Closig the gap beteen engineering and operations Olaf Waals Manager Offshore Department, MARIN
Some photo's taken at the seminar (Zip 52 Mb)

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