BlueWeek 2015

Natural Propulsion and Marine Renewable Energy needs all our passion and skills to keep developing.
The BlueWeek is the dedicated event where R&D and Industry can meet, discuss and elaborate projects around that theme.
This year the location will be Delft, in the premises of Deltares who kindly proposed us to co-organize the 2015 edition.

On Monday and Wednesday, meetings of running Joint Industry and European Projects will be organized.
As usual, some sessions will be reserved for the project members, others will be open to public.
On Tuesday, seminar and the Forum for new ideas proposals will be held. New initiatives can already be submitted via the website.

For registration and detailed program, please follow the link:

Any research and development, innovation or investment in a sustainable field will benefit our society and future generations. Researchers at MARIN, spurred on by their own motivation and also by demand from the industry, have started studies into sustainable solutions for the maritime industry. These projects focus on alternative propulsion mechanisms based on the natural movement of fishes, mammals or insects, natural propulsion through wind power or sun, or energy production taking advantage of the available sources of power such as wind, sun, waves or current. All of these initiatives highlight MARIN’s determination to link hydrodynamic knowledge with these new technologies and challenges.

he Natural Propulsion seminar aims at presenting an overview of the current activities, innovations and research for the use of renewable energy in the maritime transport. Most promissing activities are today related to use of wind energy, but can be extended also to waves, current or sun.

The aim of this meeting is to gather researchers, shipyards, ship designers, ship operators and ship owners, in order to create enough synergy and confidence to go ahead with such technology.

The development of Marine Renewable Energy (MRE) is a promising way of diversifying energy production and limiting CO2 production. Nowadays, offshore wind farms - with fixed turbine foundations - are the only technical solution of MRE devices that are being developed on an industrial scale. In the coming years it is expected that floating wind turbines, current turbines and wave energy convertors will also grow to become competitive solutions for producing energy. MARIN supports this goal through the Renewable ENergy Team (RENT). RENT’s mission is to offer the best hydrodynamics advise for any development of MRE devices through cutting edge technology, model testing and simulations. Therefore, MARIN has developed very innovative methods to test all sorts of MRE devices. Such model tests currently include power take off mechanisms and all the necessary adjustments to mimic the full-scale behaviour of the MRE device at model scale. Numerical simulations help to fill the gap between model tests and real life conditions.

New initiatives aiming for fundamental changes in ship propulsion and the production of energy by using natural ocean resources will be presented in the Open Forum on Wednesday morning. You are welcome to submit your proposal through the BlueForum website

When? 20, 21, 22 April 2015
Where? Deltares campus in Delft, The Netherlands
About? Natural propulsion, natural solutions and marine renewable energy
For whom? JIP participants and all professionals in these areas
What for? To hear about, discuss and join new projects
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